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Christi Larson, Pharm. D.


After completing her Doctorate in Pharmacy and a Pharmacy Practice Residency, Dr. Larson went on to practice in a variety of clinical pharmacy environments including institutional, psychiatric and home infusion settings. Dr. Larson has given many community health education lectures and has taken part in a variety of forums in an effort to improve patient care within the health care system.

Dr. Larson is an advocate of empowering health care consumers to take charge of their health and has recently created an innovative health information website:

Dr. Larson is committed to providing evidence-based medical information from a pharmacist's point of view.







Dr. Larson's Book:

Empowered Medicine; A Comprehensive Summary of the Most Common Chronic Conditions and Their Official Treatment Guidelines 

Author: Christi Larson, Pharm. D.

Publish Date: May 1, 2009

Category: nonfiction

Format: paperback

ISBN: 978-9823297-0-2
About this book:

Is your doctor following the guidelines? Don’t throw away your money on expensive prescription medications that don’t work or are not right for your condition. Learn the facts now!

Did you know there are official health guidelines published for most health conditions? These guidelines tell our doctors which drugs have been shown to be the most effective, least expensive and have the least amount of side effects. Doctors who are 'in-the-know' refer to these guidelines and prescribe medicine based on sound, scientific evidence (not just because the local drug company rep dropped off some free drug samples at the office). When doctors don’t reference these guidelines our health may be in danger. The problem is these guidelines are published in medical journals and are written in medical jargon.

Now you can know what your doctor should know. You will rest assured knowing that you and your loved ones are receiving the quality, cost-effective healthcare you deserve. The new book Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers has taken the official medical guidelines and translated them into words we can all understand.

You will also discover:

• Which medications may best treat your health condition while saving you money at the same time.
• Which drugs may be harmful to your health (and your pocketbook).
• What dangerous medication side effects to look out for.
• How to feel your best while keeping your health condition from getting worse.
• Health goals and checkup timelines to keep your health on the right track.

Empowered Medicine is the ONLY book available that translates the official treatment guidelines for the top medical conditions  into words we can all understand. No medical jargon here!

Surprisingly, this amazing consumer guide is only $14.95 (plus $4.99 S&H) while supplies last! So order your copy today of Empowered Medicine; A Guide for Consumers and get this important health information now! No home should be without this must-have reference!

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